Opening Keynote Presentation

13 Nov 2015
8:00PM - 9:30PM
CEM - The Bridge

Opening Keynote Presentation

Florida in Movies: One Filmmaker’s Journey

For years now I have been pondering the interaction of movies with our actual lives, a question which of course is a subset of some more inclusive discussion of the arts from high to pop. But here it is daunting enough to try to make such a reflection on cinema, specifically movies in Florida.

The discussion will come in three stages: First a take on what we mean by Florida Landscape, or rather our more suggestive title, Flickering Florida Landscapes. Secondly, a personal record within and about such questions starting in the 60’s with Southern Literature, European Movies, and Marshal McLuhan. And finally a focus on Italian NeoRealism as a living approach for Florida film with some interesting examples.

Introduction will be by Sterling Van Wagenen (University of Utah).