Social Justice and Florida Filmmaking

14 Nov 2015
3:00PM - 4:30PM
CEM - The Bridge

Social Justice and Florida Filmmaking

Film Screenings:

Hymns of Three Cities

Orlando and its tourist destinations impose a celebratory narrative on Central Florida, but dark corners of history reveal both incidents and systems of racial violence and injustice. Hymns of Three Cities explores a personal narrative surrounding three cities that have chosen to either forget, ignore, or displace what happened decades ago.  The poetry of Dr. Stephen Caldwell Wright is accompanied by images of past and present to help us discover and come to terms with our collective memory.







The Committee

The Committee is a short documentary about the (so-called) “Johns Committee.” In the early 1960s this Legislative Investigation Committee (led by Florida Senator Charley Johns) authorized the surveillance and interrogation of both students and professors at state universities simply because they were suspected of being homosexuals.  Ultimately, more than 200 students and faculty were either expelled or fired. Many of these Florida citizens remain too frightened to share their stories, but we found two who were willing to talk about what happened.  This film is their story.