Conference Registration:

Pricing for Two-Day Conference, including food and drinks during events and receptions:

  • $99.00

The following two-step process will accept both your registration information and financial transaction with University of Central Florida (UCF).

  1. Click Registration Page link below and enter your information into our registration portal (no transactions conducted here).
  2. Click Payment Page link below and follow instructions to use the UCF Research Foundation secure financial portal to process your registration payment. NOTE: a special code is required to direct payment to Flickering Landscapes account. Please be patient while portal loads your connection to the secure system.
    • UCF Payment Page
    • Enter the name “Flickering Landscapes” and account code # 23078017 into the empty DESCRIPTION field at the bottom. (Just ignore all other miscellaneous items on the list that UCF places there for convenience of other vendors.)
    • Enter payment amount under the bottom PRICE field, and press CONTINUE. Only the item with a price entered will be processed, then the system will prompt you